Women's Ministry

Equipping - Connecting - Encouraging

Welcome to the Women’s Ministry of Resurrection Presbyterian Church! RPC has various ministries to encourage the women of the congregation in their journey with Christ. 


If you have questions about the following ministries reach out to Diane Wisdom women@resurrectionpc.org or the church admin, admin@resurrectionpc.org.



Bible Study - Join us as we study God’s Word, including discussion, real-life application, fellowship, and prayer. Gathering together as a multi-generational group of women provides depth and breadth of discussion and learning and creates an environment that fosters the growth of rich relationships. There are morning and evening Bible study options. 


Mentoring - The model in Titus 2:3-5 is that older women should teach younger women how to live and love. This ministry provides opportunities for women to mentor and be mentored. The partnering of women in different seasons of life lets us walk the journey of faith and life together. Become a mentor, be mentored, or both! 


Women of all ages come together during the year for fellowship and faith-building. Events may include an RPC sister sharing a devotional or talking about how God is working in her life. Look in the RPC email announcements or the events calendar for more information and upcoming events. 


Baby Showers - The church will arrange a baby shower for the first child born to a family since they have been attending RPC. Contact the office admin to get a shower scheduled! 



Our meal coordinator, Carolyn Young, serves as a liaison between families with needs and the church body. The need for meals varies, but may include new baby, move, illness, or injury. Contact the office admin if you would like to be added to a meal train.